Knives 2013 Knives 2013 "Lisa" 188367980 Feather Bowie-FOR SALE Handle Material: Claro walnut Blade: Feather pattern 188367973 Feather Bowie 188367979 "Mona" Handle Material: dyed curly maple Blade: W-1 with Hamon 188367975 4 Bar Hunter Handle Material: Afzelia 188367977 4 Bar Hunter Handle Material: Oak Burl 188367978 "Canadian Oriole" Handle Material: 5,460yr old Bog Oak Blade: Six Bar Twist 188367991 "Canadian Oriole" 188367992 "Canadian Oriole" 188367976 Raindrop Hunter Handle Material: Rosewood 188367984 Chopper with sheath 188367985 "Luke's Knife" Handle: Oak Burl with Hawaiian Koa Blade: Ladder Pattern 188367986 Chopper Handle: Black Canvas Macarta Blade: 5160 steel 188367988 "Lil Skinner" Handle: Spalted Tamarind Blade: Random pattern 188367990